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Steel Detailing

The procedure of steelworking is very long and requires several skills to execute. Steelwork is an exciting field of expertise, combining various techniques and processes such as welding, machining, drilling, cutting, finishing, painting, polishing, welding, and even grinding. But a very important factor is for sure – steelwork includes a wide selection of applications and industries, from manufacturing to transportation, construction, mining, and more.

One essential aspect to consider when starting is the type of steelwork you wish to do. A good way to narrow down your choices is by researching several types of steels and their characteristics. As an example, carbon steels are lightweight, have low melting points, and don’t rust easily. Stainless steels are durable, require less maintenance, and last longer. Finally, high-quality alloys offer additional benefits such as better strength, corrosion resistance, and heat insulation.

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Next up was my first experience on Earth of steelwork. My dad always wanted me to become a professional mechanic, so I joined his business after college. After several years in the automotive industry, our company changed its name to Steelworks Manufacturing Corporation. Today we employ over 100 people and serve customers on six continents.

My job was simple: design and manufacture custom products for companies like Ford Motor Company, Volkswagen Band of America, Hyundai Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation, etc. Our team was in charge of designing the product, choosing the right material, producing it, shipping it, and packaging it. And then, it had been time for assembly: everything went smoothly!

But what if this were possible only in theory? How would we find an answer to all or any problems at the same time and deliver them safely and efficiently? That’s where the concept of detailed engineering came into play.

I’d never experienced anything like it before. Even though they told us that every main project needed to be designed individually, we still managed to generate something unprecedented in terms of quality and cost. The main problem that I faced when beginning was having fewer details about details, which forced me to adapt quickly to stay before the competition. When I came across the importance of details, I knew that I would have to look closely at detail throughout the entire project.

It took me some time and energy to know how important details could make or break a project. In summary, the absolute most rewarding part of my career is the fact I’m able to combine technical knowledge with personal experiences. Now, I continue improving my skills and continuing to seek new horizons for myself. As a result of my diligent pursuit, I am confident that I will have a way to donate to society positively for several years to come.

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