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CISSP Salary Survey

In the fast-growing cybersecurity career, professionals are always looking for a way to authenticate their skills and grow their careers. Amongst the thousands of certifications, the one that has stood out as the gold standard is the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). CISSP Training is recognised worldwide and provides a full perspective of all knowledge and competency levels in information security. 

It is one of the most significant reasons to pursue the CISSP certification, and it is the CISSP salary potential. This post reviews the recent CISSP Salary Survey and, in a nutshell, highlights the key findings and analyses of reports by the industry’s leading research companies to paint a comprehensive picture of how CISSP certification affects salary and career development in the cybersecurity field.

Table of Content

  • What is CISSP Certification?
  • CISSP Salary Survey
  • Key Findings from the Salary Survey
  • Trends in Salary Analysis
  • Conclusion

What is CISSP Certification?

The most prestigious credential in the world of information security is the CISSP certification, authorised by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)². It is meant for all those individuals who want to manifest their excellence in planning, implementation, and control of the security plan par excellence.

CISSP covers eight domains, with each of these domains including the following: security and risk management, asset security, security architecture, and engineering, among others. The certification is not just the means for developing knowledge but also indicates one’s commitment and experience in the related field.

The CISSP is among those high-demand certifications, leading to handsome salaries for the holders. This is a tough certification with a wide spectrum of security concepts and practices covering CISSP holders, among the highly valuable employees of various employers worldwide.

CISSP Salary Survey

The CISSP Salary Survey entails data collected from thousands of cybersecurity professionals globally. It aims to give an in-depth analysis of the compensation trend of CISSP certification. The methodology survey includes salary data collected anonymously that cut across different industries, geographies, and experience levels. 

The approach applied is comprehensive and would ensure that the findings reflect the prevailing market conditions and enlighten the financial benefit that such CISSP certification would accrue.

Key Findings from the Salary Survey

There are several very interesting findings through the salary survey exercise regarding the financial rewards in nature with which CISSP certification would be associated. First, it underscores that CISSP-certified professionals stand in line for a great premium compared to their non-certified peers.

CISSP holders are getting paid more, even up to 25 per cent on average, which clearly underscores this certification premium in the job market. It is also indicated in the survey that geographically, the salaries for CISSP are offered hugely, with those in North America and Europe being paid the highest.

Experience also plays a vital role, such that if one is a well-seasoned CISS professional, their salary would also be higher than a beginner. Moreover, the industry of work is a determinant of the level of salaries; it usually deals with very competitive compensation packages. Finance, health, and government sectors are among those that usually offer competitive compensation packages.

Trends in Salary Analysis

The CISSP salary analysis over recent years paints an upward trend. This has been attributed to the increase in recognition of the need for cybersecurity in every sector. This becomes a rare skill, hence making the demand from employers exceed supply, pushing salaries upwards in the process.

The survey also reflects on the growing demand for certifications such as CISSP, often considered as differentiation in a cut-throat job market. This trend underpins the importance of continuing learning and professional development. CISSP training represents a key investment in one’s career, regardless of salary.

The CISSP training gives the candidates an edge in the preparation for the certification examination and career in the cybersecurity industry. Findings from the survey showed that formal CISSP training significantly increases the speed of the certification and makes a person command greater pay.

This CISSP training takes deep knowledge of eight domains that are covered in CISSP to understand and apply cyber security principles. This has consequently made the job market provide offers to those professionals who hold the CISSP certification with the most appealing pay scales and job benefits. 


The CISSP Salary Survey is intended to help those who are thinking about the certification and want to know if becoming a CISSP is worth their time and energy. The results explain why CISSP has substantial benefits, including better salary prospects and improved career opportunities. For a person aspiring to cement their careers in the cyber security industry, CISSP Training is a pivotal step that will lead to certification and its rewards. CISSP certification still positions as a potent tool for professionals looking to grow their careers and those interested in future-proofing their financial standing within this domain.