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A Range of Shag Rugs and Its Type To Attract Your Attention

Shag Rugs are a perfect interior design choice for you because of its aesthetics and traditional appearance. Using the woolen shaggy rugs will always give a classy feeling and make your house look very beautiful. The quality of these rugs is very efficient and is a perfect option for you to use giving an excellent look. The cost of a shag rug depends upon the type of material you are using in it.


The shag rugs are generally formed from three types of materials, polyester, polypropylene, and wool. The Wool Shag Rug is the most expensive, yet the most common as it has great beauty and makes your house look immensely gorgeous. People make their choice according to their requirements and there are a variety of options for you to choose from in terms of design, color, shape, size, and many other different characteristics. It is recommended that you choose your rug by keeping the other interior designs and furniture of your house in mind so that it doesn’t make any bad appearance and gives a contrasting look to your house that is very attractive and has a great appearance.

What are the Different Types of Shag Rugs to Make Your Choice from?

A few types Shag rugs are available for you and you can make your choice amongst them. These are differentiated according to their making and all of them are a good choice for you to have in your house. The details of the types are:

  • Pile Shag Rug: Pile shag rugs are the most common type of rugs that are available in the market. These are rugs of irregular shape and small pieces of Fabric, making them look beautiful. These are generally of low cost and are suitable for areas of your house that are less equipped. These catch dust particles very easily and you need to regularly wash these rugs. The rug cannot be washed so it needs a regular vacuum to remove all the dust particles. Boho rugs can also be considered to be the best form of pile shag rug.
  • Twill Shag Rug: A Twill Shag Rug is made with the usage of a tight woven type of fabric that directly curves inwards to the center of the rug. These are very expensive rugs that are not very easily available. You should keep the rugs in the top places of your house like the living room or bedroom. It should be very easy for you to vacuum these rugs as they are very soft and easily cleanable. It doesn’t easily catch dust particles and can be maintained without excessive effort.
  • Berber Shag Rug: A Berber Rug is created with the best quality wool yarn and is the best material available. You can twist the wool with long strips and it’s a great quality of the rug making it attractive. It is also a very expensive form of rug but has the most demand due to its quality. It is perfectly fit for you to use these rugs in the areas where you need regular cleaning or swiping, these are lightweight and very easily moveable.
Things that You Should Know About Shag Rugs

Things that You Should Know About Shag Rugs

There are a few things that make a shag rug a very special option for you and you need to understand its benefits. The details are:


Price Range

A Shag Rug is available in a variety of price ranges and is extremely versatile. The Choice lies upon you whether you want to buy a very expensive rug or one that fulfills all your requirements. The availability of the rug in different price ranges makes it a very special choice for you. Polyester and polypropylene are a bit less expensive type of shag rug while on the other hand, the woolen material is a very expensive form of shag rug.


Extremely Comfortable

The shag rug is an extremely comfortable carpet for your house. The carpet is very soft and cozy making it comfortable for the one’s waking on it. It is a primary choice for people who live in cold regions as it is difficult for them to keep themselves warm. If you have children or pets in your house, then having these rugs might be a very good choice as the softness of the rug keeps them safe from any injury.



The Shag Rug is not only a perfectly comfortable carpet for your house but is also very stylish and gorgeous. It is very beautiful and makes your house look very aesthetic. The design and style of the rug are some of the most effective features of the rug that make it very beautiful. You should choose the Boho rugs that are also soft and give you the best quality available for these types of materials.




Shag Rugs are a perfect choice for your interior design as they are very beautiful and in high demand now. A lot of people look forward to using these rugs, especially the ones living in winter areas. There are a range of options for you in terms of Colour, design and quality of the product. If you are looking for the best shaggy rugs then visit the official website of Missamara. They have the best collection of these rugs and have a different price range available.