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Tax Agents in Dubai A Comprehensive Guide

Real humans. Perfect novels. Your bookkeeping team supports payroll and human resources, compiles documentation, organizes transactions, adds up bank transactions, produces monthly financial statements, and helps with monthly tax compliance. Bookkeeping is rarely a one-size-fits-all task. Whatever the circumstances (or how far behind your books are) at your company.

Services for Direct Tax Consultancy

They collaborate with some of the top tax consultants and offer a range of tax services to help you better understand your tax obligations in the United Arab Emirates. They are also present all over the world through their offices and respectable associations, handling complicated tax matters in the most ethically sound manner. We’ll talk about a variety of topics related to tax agents in UAE here.

  • Among their services is the first-time implementation of UAE corporate tax.
  • Planning, execution, and impact assessment
  • Observance of Taxes and
  • Tax Education
  • Foreign Income
  • Regulations on Economic Substances (ESR)
  • Certificate of Tax Residence
  • Advice on Double Tax Avoidance Agreements
  • Filing for the Ultimate Beneficiary Owner (UBO)
  • Transfer Pricing (or “TP”)
  • Reporting by Country
  • Analysis of Benchmarking
  • TP Notice
  • Local file and master file on TP
  • Compliance with Transfer Pricing

Direct Tax Consultancy Services

To help you better understand your tax obligation in the United Arab Emirates, we provide a variety of tax services and work with some of the best tax consultants. With our own offices and our reputable affiliation to handle complicated tax matters in the most morally responsible manner, we are also present throughout the world.

Services Offered

  • International Taxation; Economic Substance Regulations (ESR); UAE Corporate Tax; First Time Implementation; Impact assessment, planning, and execution; Tax Compliance and Tax Training;
  • Transfer Pricing (“TP”) filing, Tax Residency Certificate, Double Tax Avoidance Agreements advisory, and Ultimate Beneficiary Owner (UBO) filing
  • Reporting Benchmarking Analysis by Country
  • TP Advice TP Compliance with Transfer Pricing for Local and Master Files

Tax Advisory Services – Indirect Tax

Being a tax agency with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA)-UAE is a responsible job, and we observe daily changes that appear to bring new taxes, reporting requirements, and compliance requirements to indirect taxation worldwide. They are aware that managing indirect taxes is difficult, but PB teams can provide support.

Business Advisory Services

The business of today is not like the others. We urgently need to reframe the future, ask novel and unconventional questions, and adopt a forward-thinking perspective. The Premier Brains Team works closely with you to make informed decisions by providing business advisory services.

  • Incorporations of companies
  • JAFZA is the offshore registered agent.
  • Business Dispositions Encourage corporate reorganization
  • Accounting Services Provided by Outside Parties
  • Saving costs and adhering to regulations may be achieved by using accounting outsourcing services.

These are only a few of the objectives; there are also other strategic advantages like improved reporting, increased control and transparency, and a better ability to respond to market developments.

Services for Acquisition and Merger Consultation

The challenges associated with completing M&A transactions have grown over time. Regardless of where you are in the M&A process, we can help you navigate the complexities of the deal-making environment to unlock strategic values.

  • Among the Services Are Business Valuations
  • Services for Due Diligence
  • Creating an Investment Pitch Deck
  • M&A Plan
  • Advice on Purchase Price Allocation and M&A Post-Merger Consulting

Services for the Transformation of Digital

New combinations of talent and technology are driving significant improvements in the competitive edge, operational effectiveness, and customer experience. With the aid of technology, our Digital Transformation services enable you to reach your greatest potential by giving you the means to make informed decisions.

  • Services Offered: Automation of Robotic Processes
  • Using AI and ML tools for data analytics, financial modeling, and forecasting
  • ERP Consulting NLP Solutions

Services for Assurance and Auditing

We assist you in making wise business decisions by providing you with relevant and timely financial information. The validity and reliability of your reports and analyses are guaranteed by our audit team. Furthermore, we’ll ensure that you’re following all laws and industry standards because of our expertise and experience in this field.

  • Audits of Financial Statements Are Among the Services
  • Internal Examinations
  • Reviews of Risk Assurance
  • Advisory Services for IFRS
  • Audit of Retail Sales
  • IT Audits & Controls
  • Audits of Inventory
  • Particular Objective Evaluations
  • HR Evaluations
  • Money Laundering Prevention (AML) Observance
  • Fraud investigation and forensic auditing


Together with supporting payroll and HR, your bookkeeping team gathers paperwork, arranges and totals bank transactions, creates monthly financial statements, and assists with monthly tax compliance. Keeping records is rarely a one-size-fits-all undertaking. Regardless of your company’s situation (or how far behind your books are).