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Ryan Waller

The Christmas Day break-in, shooting, and murder of Ryan Waller’s girlfriend resulted in his death. Waller’s story has both tragic moments and allegations of injustice. Waller was not the victim after all; instead, he was a prime suspect in the tragic event that claimed the lives of both him and his fiancée.



He became popular on the internet as a result of a police interrogation that happened when he was still recovering from the two headshots. In the end, his case involved allegations of police misconduct and civil rights violations, including the fact that they neglected to treat him promptly and for several hours despite his brain damage.
The case is notorious for containing a great deal of incorrect information as well.
When various unrelated people and the media conducted follow-up interviews with Ryan’s family and friends, there were a lot of theories and concerns that the police hadn’t treated Ryan fairly and that there was more to the tale.

What Happened In The House?

Former roommate Alexia shared a rented apartment with Heather and Ryan. But that day, she wasn’t at home. Just around 1.5 months had passed since the late couple moved into the house. Ryan was sitting in the living room or in their room with his girlfriend on December 23, 2006, in the afternoon.

When they arrived, they rang Waller’s doorbell, and Ryan went over to find out who it was. Carver and his kid nevertheless broke inside Waller’s house. Waller attempted to close the door, so Richie reached inside and shot Ryan twice in the head, thinking he had passed away. Subsequently, he shot and killed Ryan’s girlfriend, Heather, while she was sitting on the couch in a different room.
Richie killed her, according to the story, since the father-son combo didn’t want any witnesses. Following the incident, Richie and his dad also took possession of a computer and a few weapons from the scene.

Why Were Ryan & Heather Shot

Why Larry and his son tried to kill Waller and his girlfriend Heather is a topic of many theories. Waller and Richie, Larry’s kid, used to share a room, and their arguments persisted for some time. Richie and Ryan had also fought each other physically in the past. Others assert that Ritchie made an offensive approach to Ryan’s girlfriend, Heather.
However, there were rumors that Ritchie and Waller got into a fight while brandishing guns. Some people argue that Ritchie was just jealous of Ryan’s wonderful belongings.

Why Did The Police Suspect Ryan?

Since Christmas was almost here, people expected that Ryan or Heather would have given us a call or stopped by to celebrate. About three days later, Ryan’s father became concerned since he hadn’t heard from his son in a while.
Nevertheless, after having been shot in the head and seeing his girlfriend’s body lying around, Ryan Waller was astonishingly still alive and roaming around the home. When the police announced Richie Carver’s identity throughout the investigation, Ryan was able to identify him and his father as the shooters, which surprised him.

Ryan had many wounds on his nose cheekbones, and a significantly swollen black eye, according to the authorities. The police eventually found Ryan’s girlfriend Heather’s lifeless body through vertical blinds. Ryan was hurt, so they hurriedly tied him and took him to their car. Due to the police, Don and his wife, Ryan’s parents, were unable to meet their son. They were also unable to transport their son to the hospital.

Ryan Had to Undergo an Interrogation

Ryan remained detained for several hours and no one provided him with any medical attention while they held in the patrol cars. The police did not think Ryan got the shot in the head because they believed he killed his fiancée, even though there was an obvious damage to his left eye.

Police Refused Medical Assistance For Ryan While He Was Brutally Injured

Because they didn’t believe Ryan, the police declined to provide him with prompt medical attention. By the time he would eventually receive medical assistance, his condition was getting worse.
Detective Paul Dalton questioned Waller while he was still in agony and injured. During the interrogation, Ryan didn’t say anything except that he was tired. Then, the cops started asking questions about Ritchie and other things. The detective apparently tried to persuade Ryan to confess that he had killed Heather, but he refused.


Only after several hours of questioning did Ryan receive medical attention at the hospital. They later on informed Don by the authorities that his son was critically ill.
Waller needed thirty-five days to recuperate in the hospital. During his recovery, Ryan lost a significant amount of brain tissue. Ryan suffered from seizures for several years after leaving the hospital, and his left eye was permanently lost.

The Testimony – Who Was The Real Culprit?

Almost a week after Ryan Waller was discharged from the hospital. The police arrested Ritchie after Ryan identified Richie and his father, Larry, as the shooters. The following week, Ritchie’s mother gave his father, Larry, a hand. Ritchie was the first to receive his sentence. In 2008, Carver’s son Ritchie Lee was found guilty five years before his father. He received a life sentence without the chance of release.

The police found Ritchie guilty of aggravated assault, burglary, felonious murder, and mishandling weapons. The court was first unable to indict Larry because his wife refused to testify against him on the grounds that she had marital rights.
Ritchie’s mother was made to appear in court following Heather’s family’s successful campaign to lift the privilege, as previously stated in a subsequent rule. In November 2011, Larry was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree attempted murder, burglary, and aggravated assault once more by the court.

The case came to an end when a Maricopa County jury found Larry Lloyd Carver guilty on several counts in relation to Heather M. Quan’s 2006 murder. The attempted murder of Carver’s lover, Ryan T. Waller, was also found to be Carver’s fault by the jury. Following a ten-day trial, Carver was found guilty on January 25, 2013, and could face a life term in prison. Some say that parole never existed.

Ryan Waller's Death

He’d been in the apartment for over three days before the cops showed there, so nobody was quite sure how much of a difference an hour could have made. It’s uncertain if Ryan Waller’s life could have been saved if the police had acted more quickly to get him medical assistance. Ryan had to rely on his parents to get by when he first became blind. Subsequently, he began experiencing seizures, which ultimately led to his demise in January 2007.

Overview Of His Life

Whole Waller Ryan Sean February 12 is when Thomas Waller was born in 1988. Though Waller was fond of playing the guitar when he was little, not much is known about his background. According to reports, Waller’s father, Donald Thomas Waller, also known as Don, said that Waller was the type of child who could start rapping along to his music the moment he heard it. Waller, who was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee, had been residing in Phoenix, Arizona, for some years before his death.